LinkedIn for B2B Marketers: Ten Tips for Profiles Promotion and Posting

B2B social media is different from B2C. B2B social media is different from B2C. A business-to-consumer brand requires a lot of visibility. This may mean that “brand awareness” could be their main reason for being on social media. If this is the case, followers, likes, and shares can measure the brand’s success.

LinkedIn’s best tip for creating a profile: Connect the dots

Most likely, they will look you up sometime in the future. They either go to LinkedIn to search for you, or they search Google to see where your LinkedIn profile ranks.

These are just a few of the reasons LinkedIn users view your profile.

  • You sent an email to them
  • They left a voicemail

The first question they ask is, “What are you doing?” Your profile will answer this question.

  • GOOD: All sections work together to support the answer.
  • BAD: There are many answers to this problem, but they are not all coherent.

Profile picture

This is your most important piece of personal branding online. Verifying that your profile picture conforms with the best practices is important.

  • The image is placed on your face (not too close or far).
  • Your smile extends to your eyes (the “Duchenne smile”)
  • Add a splash of warmth to your shirt or background.

Are you unsure if your photo will resonate with potential candidates, B2B contacts, and prospects? Use Photofeeler to test it.

Up to 500+ connections

You look younger if you are below 500. LinkedIn is a new platform that makes you appear fresh.

This tipping point makes you appear as legit as any other person on the platform. When someone clicks the connections link on your profile, they will see how many connections you have. But who is that person?

It is all about inviting others to join your circle.

To whom to send invites…

The more relevant your career is, the better.

  • Potential employers and clients who have the same job title you do (potential employees)
  • People who are similar to your typical collaborators (team members or outreach targets)
  • Relevant influencers in the area or industry

These actions will help you strengthen your network and increase your news feed.

Who should accept invites from…

LinkedIn is both a content platform as well as a search engine. Your connections determine your content’s reach and your search results. More connections equal more reach

It’s a good idea to have many connections as long as they are useful. Be flexible. This simple rule will help you to grow your network.

  • Accept invitations from anyone within your industry
  • Accept invitations from anyone within your local area

It would help if you ignored invitations from people who are not local to your industry or geography. Why did this chemical engineer from Buenos Aires contact me anyway?

You might also wish to filter our recruiters. They want to dig through all your connections and look for aggressive sales types. Accept this invitation, and they’ll pitch it to you in minutes.

Ask for recs and endorsements.

Ask for what you want.

This is something that you should ask for. Recommendations and endorsements are part of your permanent record. These endorsements and recommendations will remain on your profile until they are removed by the endorser (does this ever happen?)

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