How to embed a tweet in WordPress Easy Guide (2022).

Can you embed tweets in WordPress directly? Twitter is the most popular and well-known social media platform. Twitter is used by celebrities, musicians, politicians, and authors.

Twitter allows you to post short messages. People are interested in more information about a particular topic. Is that not right?

Websites also use tweets for headlines and blogs after verifying. This makes tweets look more professional and allows customers to engage in a conversation.

Why embed tweets in WordPress

Usually, one or many tweets are used as an information source. It may provide proof or be the main purpose of the article. However, it is less acceptable to copy and paste a simple tweet than to embed a tweet.

Video game bloggers find it exciting to learn that a new version is coming. They want to know the details about this game and where they got it. This is where embedding their tweets would be a good idea to increase originality and speed up the process.

How do I embed a tweet in WordPress?

WordPress has an integrated capability to manage Twitter using the oEmbed function. These functions allow you to adjust your tweets while inserting them into pages and posts as embedded tweets. Copy the Twitter embed share and paste it into WordPress.

Get the Embed link

An embed link is required for the first. Every original tweet provides an embed link you can use at your convenience. Go to Twitter and copy the URL of the tweet you wish to embed.

The downward arrow will appear at the top right-hand corner of the tweet. Click on it to choose to embed a tweet.

The embed link will appear boldly in the window. You can preview the final tweet by selecting the preview option. Copy the embed link now and go back to your WordPress site to paste it.

Add the Block to WordPress

After you have completed the above steps, paste the link into the block using Gutenberg. A link can be pasted under the page/post. You can either open an existing page, post or create a new one.

Copy the Twitter URL

Copy the URL you copied in the previous steps and paste it into the block. Next, tap on “Embed.”

WordPress will allow you to insert the tweet directly into the editor. First, make sure that the block is in the correct location. Save the changes.

Publish or update the post or page

You can now see the auto Tweet moderation displayed on your site.

These easy steps are enough to embed actual tweets into WordPress. The following embed Tweets can be found in WordPress’ classic editor.

How to embed tweets in WordPress Classic Editor

Gutenberg is not used by many of you. We now have all the information you need to add embed tweets in WordPress classic editor. Some people are unsure if the classic editor supports embedding Tweets. We want to inform them that the classic editor supports embedding Tweets in simple steps.

How to embed the most recent Tweets automatically in WordPress

WordPress allows you to embed tweets manually in your blog, article, or post. You can only add one tweet at a time.

What would it look like if you showed the most recent Tweets from your account? This will hopefully be the best option for you.

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