The Best Guide to Building an Auction Website Like eBay With WordPress in 2022

Do you want to set up an auction site with WordPress? This article will help you. An auction site allows users to bid on items for sale. This allows you to sell unique products and maximize your income.

Many users find it difficult to duplicate items in auctions or get a deal. This is one reason eBay has been so successful. However, not all people appreciate the selling fees that you must pay.

What if you like the eBay idea but don’t want to run your web auction? Do you allow others to sell their items? For available items, you can also sell your products at an auction.

How to build an auction site using WordPress

It would help if you had these things to make your WordPress site look like eBay.

  • Name for the domain (This is the name you give your site, such as
  • Hosting web account: This is where the files are saved on your website
  • Certificate of SSL (This certificate is required to make online payments

WordPress Auction Site Development Requirements

To create a website for your auction business, you will need these elements:

  • Your web address is called a domain name. It is also known as a domain name. Refer to our Domain Name Registration Guide.
  • Web hosting accounts: These are the files you have on your site.
  • SSL Certificate: Allows for secure online payments from your website.

WooCommerce: Setting up your auction site

It would be best to purchase a domain name along with web hosting to set up an auction website like any other website. You will need an SSL certificate to ensure you can accept online payments securely.

When you start building your site, the costs can be quite high. A domain name will cost $14.95 per annum, and site hosting will cost $7.99 per month.

You can easily set up an auction website without the need to learn complicated WP WooCommerce setup procedures. Their WooCommerce Hosting Plan is a great option.

Listing an auction item

WooCommerce has the YITH plugin. You can add products to your online shop, such as auction items.

Next to the product data selection, you will need to select Auction under the editor. Next, you’ll find the configuration of your auction products.

You can also specify the starting price, the bid and the minimum amount. Other items can be added to your website for the auction listing and bidding.

How to Manage Your Auctions

With the YITH plugin, you can choose when the Auction begins on your product page. This allows you to choose the best time to start and end your Auction.

After the Auction begins, any registered user can place a bid. The auction site will display information such as the highest bidder, the time remaining, the auction time and the bid button.

Sign into your WordPress dashboard to have complete control over your bids. This is the key advantage of the plugin, YITH. You can also remove any offer from the auction listing page.

Allow other users to list auction items

Install a WC vendors plugin to transform your website into an online auction. This plugin allows you to allow other users to place auction products on your website.

After activating the plugin, go to WC Vendors >> Setting. This page also allows you to enable sellers. On the Commission table, you can set the fee rate for each successful sale.

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