Website Design Ideas: How to Make a Business Website that Drives Growth

Businesses could once thrive and survive if only viewed by people who visited their brick-and-mortar storefronts. Many of these clients were also referred by others. Although it may not have been enough for them to be featured on Forbes’ cover, it was enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle.

The internet was born and it has become a standard for web design. There is nothing fancy. A few photos with basic information about you and where you can find you.

A famous pandemic in the world changed everything. You can now do everything you can from your office from anywhere there is an internet connection. Zoom calls became meetings. Online orders made it easy to order groceries and receive them quickly. It’s no longer a convenience to order online.

Your business website is your presentation card in this context. This is your first chance to impress. Your marketing efforts are incomplete without them. It’s not enough to just copy and paste content on a background, especially in this age of online marketing.

Why You Need a Business Website

A business website is essential for all the reasons you shop at Amazon, book lodging through Airbnb, or get a ride on Uber. These days, people rarely meet in person. People search online for answers, book meetings online, and shop online for products.

People search online for solutions to their problems before they make a purchase. Your target audience will search Google for your products and services, so you want to appear in the search engine result pages (SERPs). This can only be achieved if your business website is well-designed and contains valuable content.

Why Web Design Strategies Are Important

Designing a website that is effective in the digital age requires lots of planning, brainstorming, and testing. Because competition is fierce, this is vital. Market research is essential. You should not only write about your business. You should tailor your content to the buyer persona would like. You should also consider whether you are designing a B2B site.

You should also guide them through their buyer journey. Do they already do preliminary research? You want to be the industry expert they trust. Do they compare options? This is your goal. Are they ready for purchase? You are amazing! It is important to remember your credit card number when you pull it out. This is possible only if you are meticulously strategic.

What’s the best way to go? Should you construct one yourself or hire a design agency? What are the best design practices and tips? Do you really need one? Are you one of those people who believes that just going to networking events each week will suffice to get your phone to ring?

Common Web Design Mistakes

Many businesses now create their websites themselves, as website design has become much easier thanks to website builders. It isn’t easy to design a website that works. If you need to redesign your website, it can be costly.

Many factors will impact how successful or not your website is in generating leads, solving issues, increasing revenue, and improving your overall bottom line.

These are the top website design errors that you need to avoid:

Use a website template that doesn’t suit your business image

You don’t have to choose the most visually appealing website template when choosing a website design. You need to find one that suits your style and colors, as well as one that matches your business image.

If you are offering event planning services to prospects and promising them fun, memorable parties, then a template that looks like you run a funeral home website is not going to be a good choice.

However, templates that are more artistic in nature, such as video tutorials or e-books, will work well for digital products like e-books, or other types of digital products.

There is no clear understanding of who your website visitors are

To be able to design the website to meet their needs and desires, you need to know who your website visitors are. It is important to have some information about your website visitors. This includes their age, education, income, preferred website pages, social media usage, purchasing habits, and other details. Only then will you be able to design web pages that appeal to them?

Website pages that display images that don’t add value

Many website owners make the error of uploading low-resolution images thinking that it doesn’t matter. If your site loads slower, it can actually be detrimental to its performance. It can even cause users to be impatient and decide to visit a competitor’s website instead.

To speed up loading times, compress images. You should not exceed 1MB. You can also save them in JPEG format as it takes less time than PNG to load. Don’t just add images to make them look better. You should choose them for a specific purpose, such as to showcase product features or company culture, and any other relevant information.

These common pitfalls can be avoided, but it is important to take the time to learn web design best practices.

Do keyword research

In the SEO best practices section, I will expand on keyword research. Keep in mind, however, that you must always use the same keywords or phrases that your target audience searches for in search engines, no matter how good your content is. They won’t find you otherwise.

Include strong calls to action

Calls to Action are intended to encourage website visitors to take action. This may sound like a Machiavellian approach, but it is actually a quid pro quo. You are providing something that web users would like and need. This is why they are on your website.

Use action-oriented words when designing your CTA buttons (e.g. Get a Free eBookRegister for Our Webinar are significantly better than Submit. It is important to be clear about what happens when the button is clicked.

Copy proof Content

Grammar mistakes will be easily noticed by educated people. Let’s face it, mistakes happen, things get overlooked, and we all make errors. You should proofread all content before it is published. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, it is a good idea to have another set of eyes review your content before you publish it. You don’t want to appear careless when communicating professionalism.

Use SEO Best Practices

SEO is more than keywords. Your chances of being ranked well in SERPs will be affected by on-page and offline elements. This blog will provide more details about the items you should include, but this is not a complete list of web design best practices.

Functionality Testing Site

Before you launch your website, make sure everything is working as it should. You need to ensure that all videos play, that call-to-action buttons direct users to the destination you intend, that click-to-call numbers work, and that forms arrive in your inbox. You should test everything.

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