Choosing any career in the field of Information Technology vast?

Nowadays, information technology has become an essential part of life. Many young people want to set foot in this field to master the technology and to earn an income is not small.

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Nowadays, information technology has become an essential part of life. Many young people want to set foot in this field to master the technology and to earn an income is not small.

Select public sector in the field of Information Technology vast?

Sector Information Technology (IT) is no longer a new industry, but the new IT products always and do change our lives quickly.

Previously the Microsoft products make computers become more popular, it also help Microsoft become a huge company, and almost no competition in the software industry. Emerging internet era with the arrival of Google – the search popularity. Facebook also changed the way people communicate every day and changed the definition Apple phone.

You think these things only happen in the developed world and you can not afford to create new things there? It’s a common misconception that you can not miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most dynamic sectors.

Here is a very interesting job in this hot field.


As those who “write” up the program, application software for controlling the system of mechanical machinery, process the data … as controls welders, lathes, camera control, the word processing software, photographs, audio …

You need to have the technical skills of ActiveX, C #, Visual Basic, .Net or Java … In addition, you should also have the ability to solve and analyze problems, the ability to communicate, work teamwork and independent work.

Web designer

The work of professional designers design web sites that are friendly, easy to use, eye-catching look with buttons, banners, links color, saturation, light of typography …

Training programs are designed, artistic talent, capable proficient use graphics software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, Dreamwave, … and have more knowledge of web programming.

Web development

Gathering business requirements, develop specifications for software applications and web professionals to help manage the technical site.

Know about the Internet, the web application program for business strategy and e-commerce. The skill of .Net, C #, Java will also be enhanced.


Who specialize in testing, checking for errors of applications, software programmers by “write” out. This is a very important position in a project to write application software because they will complete those applications.

To do this work, you also need to be trained in the universities and technical grasp as a programmer. The work is quite gentle and suitable for women.

Construction and management of data

Design the application program interface used for example, transactions between client / server and network throughout the system constituents. You need to provide the technical parameters for the software development team, designers, test the encoding.

Required technical knowledge, planning, coordination and communication skills. The knowledge of DB2, data products Orracle, XML, C +++ will impress the employer.

Project management

Management of coordinating the entire software development projects in information technology application development, from the planning to the implementation process. The work also requires setting up project objectives, priority issues, the budget, the completion date, as well as plans to negotiate with those who hold the deposit project.

The minimum requirement is you need a bachelor’s degree in the field of information technology, business management degree, basic knowledge about the application program. Besides, you also need to have experience in project management, communication to the members of the team …

Network administrator

The work of the expert administrator and network security are designed, operated and closely monitored disturbance secure network systems and security, technical grasp of intrusion and measures to prevent and combat attacks hackers (hackers) efficiency. Design and maintain a firewall system or to identify and fix vulnerabilities in network systems unit, deploy and monitor attack detection system …

A solid network security professionals often planned job creation unexpectedly strong safety to prevent, detect unauthorized intrusions. This requires quick thinking and highly creative.

Game development (GD)

Education is not only 2D graphics, 3D but also manage projects, develop ideas, design the scenario game, gameplay, specialized programming and game play to find fault. Therefore, this is a job very imaginative but not rigid like many people think about careers related to machinery.

For specialist GD image design, the art of thinking is a very important thing because the image of the game is beautiful or ugly depending on the developer. Additionally, logical thinking is essential for the GD specialized programming.

Computer engineering

Research and design of functional parts of the computer, join work in the project to produce computer equipment for large corporations such as Intel, IBM, Samsung, Nidec …

Master the basic principles and practices in the field of computer engineering, particularly the field of EDA.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization), is a process that makes web content easier to search engines to find and display. Website optimization work to understand how the other is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in the results pages of search engines and can be considered a sub-field of marketing via search engine.

Having knowledge about programming, design, admin.

The characteristics of the information technology industry is an industry with very high growth rates, although in any sector of the industry also has a lot of documentation is very thorough, detailed but most of them written in English.

So the students learn outside the industry trend of global integration, it is necessary to focus on English. This greatly influenced the development of you in any job position of the industry.

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