2D Code Mobile Marketing

Sevencamp has developed a unique mobile content delivery application utilizing 2D codes, ‘QrCloud’. QrCloud is a robust solution to serve content on mobile phones, anywhere-anytime, under maximum client control. This application connects any client target destination URL to the mobile platform through client defined and controlled links. These links are actually short codes which are custom branded to the client. Clients can create an unlimited number for 2D codes and manage them through the application.

QrCloud allows clients to define and create their own database structures for managing 2D codes. This approach allows marketers to locate and edit reference data related to each 2D code simply and quickly. Further, 2D codes can be grouped for quicker identification with each group allowed its own database structure. A live link testing feature allows for quick checking that 2D code destination URLs are correctly rendering.

What sets QrCloud apart is the ability to repoint the 2D codes after they are created and published. This provides marketers with maximum flexibility to print in advance and repoint later, to engage in dynamic promotional campaigns and to steer 2D codes already in circulation to new marketing programs, multi-media content or consumer information.

Due to our use of short code links marketers can track the click through performance of individual 2D codes. This allows for real world testing of marketing messaging, media placement and demographic, geographic and other factors which casually impact the scanning of the codes.

Integrated Feature Set

• Unlimited QR code capacity
• Custom branded domains for short codes
• Repointable destination URLs
• Browser sensing link delivery
• Unlimited short code generation
• Auto short code extension generator
• Custom short codes extensions on demand
• Customizable database forms for short code management in groups
• Form search function by group (to locate codes)
• Group management selection to:
• modify destination URLs
• by date (pre/post date and date range)
• by form field and keyword
• delete codes
• Short code link tracking
• Static SEO optimized short code web page

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