A Quick Response (QR) based Mobile Marketing solution combined with a fully automated Search Engine Marketing platform.


Qr4Wine’s primary service is static media to mobile and desktop linking. Based on Sevencamp’s (QrCloud) application, Qr4Wine allows wineries to create, edit and manage QR code databases which codes can be published to both physical and digital media so that consumers can scan them into their web enabled mobile phones. On scanning, consumers are instantly connected to winery target marketing media such as a web page, video or PDF. The possible uses for Qr4Wine are only limited by the imagination.

Qr4Wine – Feature Rich and Economical

• Deliver Videos From Your Wine Labels
• Share Mobile Tasting Notes in the Retail Environment
• Distribute Codes on Facebook, Twitter Pic’s, YouTube
• Promote New Retail Offers Weekly/Daily/Hourly
• Use Phone Geo Data to Get Addresses for Mailing Lists
• Print Codes Now – Change Destination Links Later
• Small Readable Codes – From Any Length URL
• Simple UI – No Web/Technical Experience Required
• 100% Winery Controlled – 100% Winery Branded

Extensive Feature Set

• Unlimited QR Code Capacity
• Instant QR Code Creation and Editing
• Custom Branded Domains for Short Codes
• Built in Short Code Generator
• Unlimited Unique Extensions for Short Codes
• Point and Repoint Code Destinations – anytime you like, as often as you like
• Turn Geo Location On or Off for Each Code – anytime you like, as often as you like
• Automated Random Short Code Extension Generator for Large Scale Applications
• Instant Code Destination Checking – No Mobile Phone Required
• Automated Bad Link Checking
• Easy to Use Customizable User Interface
• Real-Time Click Data Reporting:
• time and date
• destination link of click
• device type indicator
• geo location on/off allow/disallow indicator
• latitude/longitude geo location
• device IP address
• country, city, state, zip, area code data
• device type, browser type and other user agent data

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