ncrease open email rates

You’ll find email signup forms on every major blog. Slide in the form, and it will drop down. They will appear right after you land and again as soon as you leave.

Email is unique because it’s special. Organic reach in social media is very low. Clickthrough rates for search are declining. Big Tech stands between you and your potential visitors for those traffic sources. They’re not there to give you website traffic for free.

Email marketing is not intermediation. You and your audience have no digital monopoly. You can contact them directly once they have shared their email address.

Step one is to grow your email list. This means using an easy-to-use email signup box. The three P.

The second step is to send an email that gets opened. This guide will show you how to increase your email open rates. We will share 13 key success factors for increasing open email rates.

This diagram will show you quickly where some of our tips are heading. This is what your subscribers’ mobile email looks like.

Instantly see how much information the subscriber has before you decide whether to open it or not. You can also instantly determine how important the subject line, sender name and preheader text make in deciding whether to open it.

We also have insights from some of the best marketers in the world. These tips are genuine email experts.

Use a human sender’s name.

It is the most visible part of an email preview and is a major factor in open rates. It’s easy for email marketers to forget to check, but it is something that recipients will never forget.

The email will be more personal if the sender’s name contains a person’s name. An email from Susan Clark of Zippy Ideas will be opened more often than one from the Zippy Ideas Company.

You have an advantage if you are human. It is easy to unsubscribe from messages sent by companies. However, a message from a person is different.

We asked Ann Handley to share her top email tips.

This is great, Ann! Ensure that you optimize your From line for every email. This will help build your reputation as someone who adds value.

Joanna Wiebe, an email expert, also recommended this tip.

This approach has proven to be a great way for clients to increase their results. Here’s an example of a client who reported on the benefits of sending more personal, human emails.

Modifying the sender name from within your email service provider is simple. You may be able to sender names A/B tested by your ESP. It will be easy to see if open rates are affected by a human sender name.

The subject line is the next largest factor in open rate.

Use a sentence subject line.

Your subject line is the next best way to increase the open rate. Let’s begin with capitalization. There are two options:

Title case “Top Factors in Open Email rates”

Sentence case “Top factors in email open rate.”

We recommend using sentence cases. This is the first of three email subject lines that Peep Laya has created.

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