Web Design Secrets No One Tells You

You have a lot to consider as a web designer. It’s a competitive market, and you want it to succeed. Although you have the creativity, imagination, and skills necessary to be a web designer, you may need more. Although the best of the best will rise to the top, the pot might need some stirring in practice. These are the top 10 secrets to web design success. But in practice, it may take some stirring.

Don’t Go Over 30% Innovation

The 3M is a hugely successful cooperation. It has a well-documented 30 rule. This basically states that 30% must be from revenue generated by each division from products created during the past 4 years. This is the secret to innovation and new ideas. 30% is enough. The 60/30/10 rule for color is used by graphic and artistic designers. 60 is the dominant color and 30 are new. Too many new things can confuse customers and clients. Mix up the familiar with the unfamiliar, adding little at a time until the new becomes well-known.

Understanding Psychology is Essential

To be interested in psychology, you don’t need to be a psychologist. Read some books and articles to get some background. You should understand how visitors respond to design. User Interface and User Experience are important. Design is a key factor in building trust and credibility. Nearly half of those surveyed said that it was the most important element in establishing credibility. Visual effects and colors can create emotion. We need clarity, space, vision, and message. It’s possible to make a big difference with a little research.

Make friends with the audience

What is the purpose of this website? This information is vital to your success. Find out what your clients want to know. Try to imagine yourself as their partner. Are they being educated? Are they purchasing? Are they interested in learning more about your latest product? Are they interested in learning more about you? What do they know about you? etc. Focus the site on that idea. The site exists to perform a task, no matter how cool it is. If it fails to do its job, it’s failed. You will be more successful, and you will have fans. This is business.

Every website is selling something. It is important to know what the site is selling and how. Not all websites are direct e-commerce. The owners have a purpose. Sometimes even they don’t know it. But you, the designer, need to remember this. What is the owner’s agenda when they say, “We need a blog with cool design.” Are they looking to make money with ads, generate traffic to another site selling something, or do they want the world to be a better place by sharing information from an artistic perspective? The former is more likely than the latter. It is possible to sell professionalism, image, credibility, a brand identity, or a sense. However, you must know what you are selling.

Web design is marketing

Web design can be considered marketing to some extent. The web design of your client’s e-commerce site to sell pants is your prime marketing. Do not just include photos of the pants to show them, but incorporate them into your design. It is the goal of the company to show its products in the best light possible and get customers to purchase. You need to understand marketing. What annoys buyers? What is it that gets them to click on the Call To Action button? You create, you market, and you design the look. It’s a big job but it is possible.


You’re not working FOR clients but WITH them. It works best when both sides are involved. You are the expert, but they must give you sufficient information, ideas, and functions. If you have the knowledge and experience, be open to offering advice. You know what works and what doesn’t. Teamwork is a partnership. While agreeing to everything might work in the beginning, it will only lead to more disappointments and problems later on. Professional input can make you more successful and lead to better working relationships.

Presentation is everything

Your web design is a presentation to clients. They need to be excited. It should make them feel the same way you do. This is not just another step, it is the most important. Make sure you put in the work to make it perfect. Find some cool mockups or create an animated video to show them how your web design will look live. They must leave the meeting saying that they are eager to get started.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Nobody will be satisfied if you promise the world and then deliver an atlas. Be upfront about what you can deliver in terms of skills, abilities, and timeframes. It’s a negative feeling if you fail to meet your goals. It’s a big plus if you exceed them.

Admit Your Mistakes

Your client is not perfect. Your client could say that something isn’t working for them. They could also be wrong. If you find it to be true, tell them and then politely acknowledge that they are correct. Don’t make excuses. Acknowledge the issue and work to resolve it. Even if the misunderstanding is minor, it’s better not to lose heart and move on. In business, admitting that you made a mistake isn’t a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign that you are a strong person. Being active and not defensive shows credibility and transparency. Clients will learn that mistakes do happen. But if they know they can count on you to be there for them, they’ll return. It keeps communication open.

Do not work alone

Your web design is closely linked to the work of web designers who will later work on your design. Your work can only be as good as theirs to a certain degree. Understanding the work of the developers, the process they use, and the relationships you have with them will help you design better. We suggest that you discuss your ideas, listen to their suggestions, communicate clearly, and build a relationship with them. Referring to a great development team is a mutually beneficial gesture that both the client and you will enjoy.


Every little bit helps you get where you want to go. These “secrets” are just great advice that web designers should automatically consider. These are the steps that will lead you up the ladder to success. Once you have it, you can create your own rules. Let’s not forget the tried-and-true methods we have found to work.

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