Typography Design Trends You Should Be Watching

Typography trends are rarely long-term, so it’s hard to predict what will be hot in 2022.

We can speculate on which niche fonts will be the most popular this year, as they don’t often come out of nowhere.

Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts will be very popular in 2022. A handwritten font can make small businesses seem more human and approachable due to its loose, personal feel.

Customers are more likely to view you as a person than a company. This can benefit you if your goal is to create a warm and traditional atmosphere. Fonts such as these are great for small businesses that wish to establish a deeper relationship with their clients, even though they may not be appropriate for large companies.

Vintage Fonts

Vintage typography is similarly growing in popularity to handwritten fonts. This is due to the emotional connection that people can feel when they see it. They love classic typography because they are familiar with it and can feel nostalgic about it.

This font is ideal for small businesses trying to tap into someone’s childhood or past. It’s a great way to encourage someone to become your customer.

Cut-outs and Overlays

Website designs and marketing materials that use cut-out fonts are gaining more depth. This allows you to add layers to your design, making it more attractive.

These are a great way to add images or patterns to your text. They give your design a 3-dimensional effect without needing to be fancy.

Variable fonts

Standard fonts can be restrictive when designing websites or refining an online brand. Variable fonts are a trend that we anticipate will flourish in 2022. These fonts have dynamic settings for width, weight, and other attributes that can’t be changed too often.

Variable fonts can be used to replace one font with another. They are easy to edit and change to make them thinner, thicker or bolder, depending on the purpose. They are responsive so that they can be used on any device. With the increasing importance of user experience, we will likely see more of them in 2021.

Opposites Attract

Contrasting elements are a great way to make typography stand out, whether large and small or black-and-white. A lot of text can grab attention, but the smaller fonts will provide the required information.

This is not a new idea. It’s a big ‘SALE’ sign with details about the offer below. However, it is becoming more popular in typography. This creative way to draw the eye is a great way to emphasize an important point.

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