Trends in Website Design

More UI Candy with Less Load Time

New libraries such as vue, ember and react blur the lines between the website and native app.

The rise in internet speed and the availability of instant, responsive online services have influenced people’s expectations. Websites now outsource a lot more of the heavy lifting to their devices. Our devices do most of the work. We no longer need to wait for webservers to process data and return results. Instead, the devices process the data and send the result to the webserver. This reverse role makes it feel much quicker.

Asymmetry website designs

Because websites are naturally organized in a grid format, most sites use it. To stand out, there is a growing trend of using an asymmetrical design instead of following the grid.

You must carefully plan your content when creating an asymmetrical website layout. People prefer to read content that is organized and simple to follow. A chaotic flow of content can result from a lot of content.


Since Google introduced material design several years ago, Apple has moved away from the skeuomorphic style. Website design has been all about content. The material design allows for fewer distractions and a greater focus on content from a design perspective.

Voice controls

Voice controls are available in our homes, but what about our websites? Voice control is an excellent way to assist people with disabilities in navigating websites. This doesn’t only apply to people with disabilities. Voice control is a great tool for those with disabilities who are driving or cooking. It allows them to navigate websites and find relevant content, even if they can’t use their hands.


Web design trends have always included performance as an important part. This will not change in 2021. Images are one of the biggest performance bottlenecks in websites. Images are growing in size and number due to increased demand for more visually rich websites with higher resolutions.

Scalable vector graphics (SVG), which combine small size with high quality, allow Toronto website developers to deliver crisp, sharp graphics to all devices without compromising speed. This is often more efficient than jpg or png images.


Although chatbots have been around since the beginning, AI and machine learning have made them more accessible to users. They also require less expertise for businesses wanting to expand their use in 2021. The next generation of chatbots will help you place an order, register or restore access to your online account.

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