Software development Tips and Tricks

Websites are usually judged by their layout and content. Though your content is good, if your layout is not appealing, visitors will not be keen to come back. Everyone is not born with a quality of making layouts that are appealing to the eye. If you have been to different yahoo groups, you might have found different color combinations that the owner of the group has chosen. Some of them have backgrounds with red color with blue colored text making a blinding effect. Even though yahoo offers all the possible color combinations, some choose the wrong colors.

Following are some tips for software development:

  • Keep it simple: Your website should be as simple as possible so that the visitor can find for whatever he is looking at ease. Complexity in the site should be avoided.
  • Readable size and face of the fonts: The font’s size should be such that the visitor is able to read it properly without giving much stress to his eyes. If the fonts are easily readable then the visitor may consider coming back to site once again, will be again helpful in getting more traffic.
  • Use web safe eye pleasing colors: The selection of color might show one’s personal taste. Therefore, such colors should be chosen which appeals to the eye of the visitor and they also find it attractive while they visit your site.
  • Dimensions of webpage: One more important aspect of layout is maintaining the track of dimensions of a webpage. Therefore, they should planned in such a manner that if reflects the look of the site.

Additionally, following tips and tricks should also be remembered while developing software:

  • Extract JavaScript styles and codes from within the HTML page to external .css and .js files. Create a link from every HTML page to these external files. Browsers download these files only once. This will lessen the size of the individual HTML pages.
  • Use a background which makes the difference between font graphics and colors. For e.g. look at media sites such as It makes use of dark background with lighter fonts for creating a theatre like setting. However, the site is easy to navigate and read.
  • Check for broken links regularly. Using a link checker or verifying the list of 404 errors in your website logs which will help you in maintaining your site links. Maintenance of links to external sites can be centralized using link tracking tools.

Thus, by following above tips and tricks will help you in developing efficient software.

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