Software Development Process

The need of software is versatile in these techno-savvy days. In each and every field of human life, software plays a big role. In fact, it originates from the needs and requirements of the users. Starting from understanding the basic requirements to the final testing and coding the process goes on. The main thing is analysis and understanding the specific purpose of desired software to make it more effective. Maximum number of users who use such software might not be aware of the steps and process involved in software development.

These days are considered to be the days of outsourcing and many users for whom software is prepared might not be aware with its process of development. Having a basic knowledge of how software is made may prove to be useful for the business organizations that use and implement such software.

A software development process is basically a structure imposed on the development of a software product.

Process being a basic tool for carrying out community consensus and it facilitates very large number of people to work together on collaborative project. On the assumption and subject to infinite debate that a methodical approach to software development results in fewer defects and therefore, finally offers shorter delivery time and better value.

The need of following and selecting a formal process for software development is to offer desired discipline to deliver a better quality product for success of business and to avoid wastage of money, time and demoralization in developers.

Second is the analysis stage of specification. Specifications are considered as most important in terms of need and requirement of users. This is an analytical stage where needs are defined which are required to be solved. After studying system developers of users note down the various points to be focused at the time of software development.

Next is the Architectural analysis or theoretical representation of the software system. During this phase, the overall structure of the software is defined including its various nuances. A model of software development is prepared and it is now ready for coding. Coding is considered as the stage where design is reduced to code by way of various languages of computer programming. Languages are used as per the need of the particular applications.

Next to coding is the stage of testing. During this process debugging is done which are dedicated at previous steps. Testing is done to make sure that coding is done perfectly and working together in harmony with other process.

Thus, there are various stages involved in the software development process which when followed properly can create a unique software for your business.

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