Simple Steps to Add Pin It Button to WordPress 2022

Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on images and photos. This is a great option for websites that value high-quality graphics and photos. Integration with social media is essential in WordPress. It differs from placing Pin it buttons on photos to adding Pinterest pin it buttons on WordPress.

Pinterest is a powerful social network. Particularly for websites that focus on images. It is home to over 300 million members monthly. If you have a “pin this” button on your website, visitors will find it easier and quicker to share your visuals. This will increase your online presence and bring more people to your site.

What is a Pin It button on Pinterest?

This blog article is first about the Pin It button. This button will appear when you hover your mouse over an image in your blog post. This button will allow you to pin the exact image to Pinterest as soon as it appears.

Another option is to use a browser plugin. A list of images that can be Pinned from a webpage will appear when the button is pressed.

A social sharing button is also included. It is located at the bottom or top of any blog post. One of these buttons is the one you’re currently reading. You’ll also notice buttons to share the article on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

You can put a hovering pin it button on your images.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to add the Pin It button to your photos. It’s simple: it’s convenient for the user. It is much quicker to click on the button to the image you wish to pin to Pinterest than to do it the traditional way. The button should not block any relevant information.

How to add Pinterest Pin It Button to WordPress with Plugin

Some plugins may call themselves “Pin It”, while others are called “Save”. However, they all accomplish the same thing. They can pin your photos to Pinterest. A social sharing plugin is the easiest way to add Pinterest pin-it buttons to your WordPress site.

We recommend the Shared Counts WordPress plugin. It is the best social networking plugin for WordPress. It is free and easy to add the Pinterest button. The button can be added to other social media sites.

You will need to install and activate the Shared Counts plugin to get started. To customize the plugin after installation, go to Settings >>Shared Counts.

Scroll down to the display section of the settings page. Click the “Share Buttons to display” textbox.

You can select which social media services you want to add using the dropdown menu. Pinterest will be displayed in this box along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also decide where and on what post the Pinterest button will appear. You can also choose from several button styles via the “Share button style” option.

Manually adding a Pinterest Pin It button to WordPress

Some intermediate users might prefer to add social sharing icons manually to their WordPress sites instead of using a plugin.

Let’s now see how to add the Pin it button in WordPress manually.

First, create a backup of your WordPress website. This will help you to restore your site in the event of an error.

Next, connect to your WordPress server using FTP and navigate to the folder /wp_content/themes/

Access your current theme folder to locate the footer.php file.

After right-clicking on the file, choose Download from the menu. This will cause the footer.php file to be downloaded to your computer.

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