Popular Website Types You Need To Know As A Designer

It’s important to be a web designer to understand the most popular websites and the best freelance opportunities. It will help you increase your value as an independent designer by knowing which websites are most in demand. These sites will require more skill and attention. Clients will pay more for these sites.

There are many websites and content on the Internet. A designer for almost 10 years, I can offer some tips and suggestions on which websites you should work on. Let’s take a look at 12 popular websites that freelance web designers can understand.

Portfolio website

Your portfolio website is the first website you’ll likely ever design as a designer. Portfolio websites are used to showcase and promote past work. A portfolio website is most commonly used by creative professionals. It’s basically a visual resume. Portfolio sites are a way to showcase your creative skills and show your best work, in the hopes of attracting potential clients or employers.

You can design and build your website using Webflow. This tool allows you to create custom websites. If you want to concentrate on design and not development, Squarespace and Wix offer services that allow anyone to quickly create a portfolio site. The website builder tool is available for a monthly or annual fee. You can also have it hosted on their platform. Although they can be expensive to maintain, they offer customer support to assist with any questions or problems that might arise.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a portfolio website. The most important thing is to let your work shine. You don’t need a complicated website with elaborate animations. Instead, impress potential clients with your work and encourage them to contact you about your services. Every portfolio website should be unique and reflect the creator or designer of the work. You might choose to keep the layout simple to let the work speak for itself and encourage a positive user experience. This website is a great way to start your career as a freelance web designer. In return for your recommendations, you can design portfolio websites for your family and friends. Referrals are essential for the growth of a freelance business.

Website for you

A personal website has one goal. You might not want to promote work or sell anything, but you simply want to share your thoughts and ideas. You can include a blog or a resume on one page with links to other social media platforms. Or, you can share whatever you like. You won’t likely be asked to design personal websites as a web designer unless you’re helping a friend or family member with a project. This could be a great opportunity to practice designing websites in a relaxed environment. Practice designing a one-page website that grabs attention and shares important information about the user. This can be fun, as you don’t have as many content options.


A blog is a website that regularly updates with new articles (also known as blog posts). These websites can be managed by one person, a group, or companies. A blog’s purpose is to provide information about a topic in order to attract readers. Although every blog has a different purpose, most blogs have the same goal: lead generation. You can rank for keywords search terms by writing and researching quality content. This will allow you to generate quality traffic that may lead to new customers.

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