PDA Software Development

PDAs are hot and PDA software development requests are becoming more and more frequent here at TechCoders. Recognizing that the PDA would be the wave of the future we invested in training and technology long before there was a demand. As a result our programming teams are experts in all phases of PDA software development.

This portable hardware platform supports many of the same features as desktop computers do. Depending upon your particular needs we can draw from a large well of technology to create utilities, software and hardware drivers and complete applications for all of the current PDS OS platforms including PalmOS, WindowsCE, and many proprietary operating systems.

Every PDA software development project we undertake benefits from our development experience as well as our in-depth use of these amazing productivity tools ourselves.

Here’s an example of the types of solutions that we can provide for you and the tools that we’ll use to execute your PDS software development project:

Applications and Systems Experience:

  • Custom PDA database applications
  • User-friendly GUI design
  • Internet application development
  • Integration with legacy systems

Our team has access to the latest PDA software development kits including the Palm, and PocketPC SDK’s as well as the POL (Palm Object Library). We leverage our desktop and server development experience to bring the power of C/C++ and VB/ASP to the PDA.

Our extensive PDS software development tool chest includes Code Warrior, Embedded VB/VC++, AppForge, Satellite Forms and Casl; plus were are constantly testing and evaluating new tool as they become available.

Should your PDA software development needs require wireless connectivity rest assured that we are up to date on TCP/IP Applications (WAN and LAN) , Bluetooth, Mobitex, GPRS, CDPD, CDMA and a number of other connectivity standards in order to ensure that your custom PDA software development project is delivered on time, within budget and exceeds your highest expectations.

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