Online Bachelor Degree in Computer Programming

Nowadays, more and more computerized special effects are used in movies in order to simulate people, places, and other things. Here comes the importance of computer programmers and software developers as they are integral to the process. It is very important for computer programmers to have adequate education in computer languages such as C++ and strong knowledge of digital imaging.
An online bachelor’s degree in computer programming provides several benefits such as:

  •     Convenience to study at their own time
  •     Flexibility of the courses etc.

This course is suitable for those who are interested in troubleshooting computers and their systems. The coursework includes courses in

  •     Advanced application development
  •     Software testing
  •     Theories of software development
  •     Writing software applications
  •     Solving computer issues
  •     Database design
  •     Systems analysis
  •     Computer administration
  •     Programming logic
  •     Programming design
  •     Computer system security
  •     Computer applications
  •     Problem analysis
  •     Languages including JavaScript, C++ etc

According to bureau of labor statistics, the average salary of a computer programmer or a software developer range from $62,000 to $73,000. In various organizations computer programmers does the role of systems analysts as well as programmers, which gives him or her greater scope for using their wide skills. Nowadays, computer programmers with extensive training and knowledge are hired by employers. The main function of a computer programmer is to test, write and maintain organizational computer systems.
There are no basic requirements for enrollment into the online bachelor’s degree in computer programming. It is better if you have a high school degree and proficiency in computer languages.

Needless to say, there has been slow growth in the computer programming sector as many software developer jobs are outsourced internationally. The main issue is that there is no need for the computer programmer to be onsite to solve organization’s problems. He can do his work sitting anywhere in the world. It is a highly competitive field and computer programmers can find work by competing among themselves and the best one is snatched by the multi national companies.

There are different kinds of computer programmers such as:

  •     Systems programmers
  •     Application programmers
  •     Computer programmers
  •     Systems managers
  •     Computer maintenance technicians
  •     Computer software engineers
  •     Systems analysts
  •     Computer consultants

List of Colleges and Universities Offering Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Programming Includes:

  •  American Intercontinental University
  •     Kaplan University
  •     Florida Metropolitan University
  •     Strayer University Online

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