Mobile Software Development

If you’re not taking advantage of the power of mobile software development then you are behind the curve. At, we are j2me programmers and symbian developers helping companies to enable their cellular phones, Blackberries and other mobile computing platforms to handle the demands of on-the-go computing.

We leverage the power of the leading mobile software development tools like J2ME development, Appforge development, Symbian development, Codewarrior, WAP, and Messaging to create sophisticated messaging solutions, m-Commerce solutions, and mobile entertainment products.

We regularly work with the most popular mobile operating systems and stay on top of the ever-changing e-wireless technology.

There is a huge untapped potential for mobile software development solutions and we can get you there with custom designed applications from our j2me developers and symbian programmers for Pocket PCs, Smartphones and PDAs utilizing the power of the .NET Compact Framework, J2ME and C++.

When in comes to mobile software development we’ve got it covered. Our developers are experts in:

  • J2ME
  • Symbian OS development services
  • Appforge
  • Codewarrior
  • Mobile games programming
  • Mobile shopping
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile brokerage
  • Mobile access to corporate intranets
  • Mobile travel information and booking

Our j2me / Symbian programmers and developers are full certified from Sun and Symbian and can provide you high quality j2me development and symbian programming for your applications or projects

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