Linux Software Development

Linux software development is moving to the forefront as a viable business operating system. More and more companies are discovering the low licensing costs of this native operating system and are impressed with its scalability and relative ease of deployment.

We have a great deal of experience and confidence in the Linux OS and have completed Linux software development projects for a number of environments including KDE , GNOME and Motif.

Discover how quickly and inexpensively we can implement a customized Linux software development solution for you by simply leveraging our developer’s experience in the following Linux solutions:

– Linux Kernel

Our intimate knowledge of the Linux kernel enables us to modify the very core of this complex OS and even develop totally new kernel modules in order to ensure that the solutions provided to you are tailored to your unique business needs.

– Linux Device Drivers

Often times there are needs for specialized device drivers which are required to support a particular Linux software development project. Once again we are able to leverage our intimate familiarity with the Linux kernel to develop exactly what is needed. Developing drivers is a an exacting task which requires extensive experience in both the deployed hardware and the OS itself. This is the kind of experience which sets TechCoders apart from other solution providers.

We are especially well respected for our experience in Linux software development projects which require optimal device management.

– Linux Embedded

Linux has become well accepted as an RT operating system and TechCoders’ expert technical team has extensive Linux software development experience in embedded systems projects. From the bootloader to the Linux kernel, whether the project calls for implementing a CLI (Command Line Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface), our team has been there and done that!

– Linux/Unix porting

One of the most cost-savings advantages of Linux is the ease in which applications which run on other platforms can be ported over. You avoid the expense of starting from “scratch” yet you can be assured that the robust reputation of Linux, combined with TechCoders’ Linux software development expertise, will provide you with the final solution that your business needs regardless of what hardware platform you use.

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