Here are 11 web design tips and best practices for 2023

You can make a lasting impression by following web design best practices.

This article will show you how to create a website that attracts your target audience.

Consistent design is crucial

How to create a visual hierarchy that highlights your most important content.

Use navigation ideas to make it easier for visitors to navigate your site.

There are many other helpful tips. Let’s get started!

11 web design best practices and standards.

It’s not easy to create a stunning website. These best practices will help you create a website that looks professional and allows visitors to find the information they are looking for. You can also choose from one of our professionally designed templates to get you started quickly.

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MailerLite allows you to create a stunning website.

You can access templates and pre-built blocks that make it easy to create a beautiful site. You can build your site free of charge, and then you can choose to pay for a plan once you are ready to publish.

Today, publish my website’s consistent design elements across your website.

You’ll see the same fonts, colors, and styles used on all professionally-built websites.

This consistency is a wise decision. The consistency of the visual elements creates a consistent brand identity. You’ll also save time by not having to consider how each element will look every time you add it.

These are four factors that can help you maintain design consistency. You will also find some tools that can be used to assist you in setting up your design.

Create a logo

Your logo can be added to your website to make it clear that the page belongs to your brand.

You can instantly create a logo using the automated logo generators Shopify or Adobe. You can also use Canva to test your graphic design skills.

Define your color palette

Select colors that complement each other and reflect your brand. To browse through color schemes, use a tool such as Color Coolors until you find one that you like.

Select typography

Many brands use at least two to three fonts on their websites. This usually includes a font that you use for your website copy and one for your headings or buttons.

Some font pairings work better together than others. To browse the pairings, use Fontjoy until you find one that you like.

MailerLite’s website shows consistency in design. Our website uses dark green, light, gray, and black. The fonts used for headings and text are the same on every page.

Before you start the design process, define your global styles

After you have chosen the fonts and colors you want to use, you can decide where they will be used. This is important before you start designing your website.

MailerLite allows you to set global styles such as the color and font for headings, titles, and body text.

When you add one of these blocks to your website, the styles you choose will be reflected in it.

Top tip: Make sure to use consistent branding across all promotional materialsYou can use the same colors and fonts that you select for your website in all branding materials, such as emails, social media content, and videos. The content will be easily recognized by people wherever they see it.

Prioritize content with a visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy describes how to rank and display your website content. A visual hierarchy organizes site content in a way that is:

The most significant elements are the most prominent.

Visitors can easily navigate the content by following a logical order.

It can be difficult to create an optimal visual hierarchy. To guide the user’s eye across the page, professional designers consider the elements’ size, color, contrast, spacing, and other details.

These three rules will help you keep it simple:

You should ensure that the most important elements of your page are prominent and at the top.

This MailerSend homepage shows a clear example of a visual hierarchy that prioritizes key information.

The service description is contained in the title text. It is much larger than the rest and is located in the first place people see when they land on a page.

The subtitle adds additional benefits to the service. It is larger than the title, but it is not as big as the title. CTA signup buttons for conversions are essential, so they should have a contrasting color with the rest.

Scroll down to see information about individual features. They are not as important as the elements above, so they are located lower on the page.

Get spacing right

Good website design is dependent on good spacing. Good spacing is key to a good website design. It ensures that your text is clear and organized and allows visitors to focus on the most important areas of your page.

White space, also known as negative space, is the area between elements on a page. It’s important to make sure visitors can easily digest your content.

Reading is easier when there’s white space

This example illustrates the power of white space. The left screenshot is one of MailerLite’s professionally-designed templates. The right screenshot shows the original template.

White space makes a page look much better and is easier for users to read. Although this is an extreme example, it shows the benefits of using white space in web design.

You can group content by using white space

White space can be used to group elements together. The elements of the same group will be closer than those in other groups.

This theory is illustrated in the screenshot below from Notion’s homepage. The top menu items are separated from the main heroes, which are also separate from the explanations for the products further down the page.

These groupings are obvious because there are no lines or barriers between them.

MailerLite’s website allows you to control spacingMailerLite offers many options for website builders to ensure that you have the right website spacing.

Pre-built templates for websites with white space best practices.

Your website design should be easy to navigate and provide the information you need. It should encourage people to use the website KPIs which will help you achieve your business goals.


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