Easy Guide to Removing Another WordPress Site Tagline (2022).

Does your website’s title bar or header display “Just another WordPress Site”? This slogan is often not easy to modify for beginners. It is not a good idea to leave it as-is.

It is easy to change or delete this tagline. This article will show you how to remove the “Just Another WordPress Site Tagline”.

What’s the tagline for a WordPress site?

A tagline is the description or motto of a WordPress website. Websites often use a catchy phrase as a tagline to describe their brand and website.

WordPress uses “Just another WordPress website” as a default when you first build a site. The slogan won’t appear on all themes. However, it will appear on many themes.

Remove Only One WordPress Site from WordPress Settings

You can change the tagline “Just another WordPress website” by changing the settings on your WordPress site.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Modifying your tagline in the WordPress theme customizer

You cannot see the Site Identity tab. To verify if the Site Identity tab is nestled beneath other accounts, you can open them. Site Identity, for example, is located under the Astra theme in the Header tab.

Expanding the Site Identity tab will reveal a box that allows you to change your slogan. You can also choose to disable the site’s title or tagline display in the theme we are using.

You may be able to see many options here because the WordPress theme determines the theme customizer options you use.

Once you have changed the slogan to something else, click on the “Publish” button at the top.

Removing Just One WordPress Site from the Google Index.

Let’s say you change the site tagline in a matter of days. Google has already crawled the blog and found its previous title.

Visitors will see your default tagline when they search for something on the site.

Let’s say you have submitted your blog sitemap previously to Google. You can do it again.

Google is most likely to be notified about blog changes by manually submitting your homepage URL via the URL inspection feature of your Google Search console.

Let’s say you’re not yet a Google user. Sign up now for a Google account to optimize your blog using the largest search engine in the world.

Once you have verified your account, enter your website’s homepage URL into the top box. Then press Enter.

Google won’t get your live URL. Click the Test live URL button. It will take a few seconds.

You’ll need to wait longer as Google is performing a tie crawl.

As you can see, n requests indexing.

Googlebot will scan your homepage and track all links within a few minutes, if not immediately.

Let’s say that Googlebot is receiving a lot of requests. The queue is then created for you. The crawler will then scan your site for any index updates.

You can search for your blog later on Google if you come back later. The newly updated slogan for your site will be displayed.

This is the fastest and easiest way to change your website’s tagline and remove the default one.

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