C and C++ Software Development

One of the most widely used languages ever, C and it’s newer C++ derivative ranks as one of the most platform independent development language. It’s no wonder why we are regularly involved in small and large scale C and C++ software development projects.

Known for its reliability, small footprint and blinding execution speeds, C and C++ is often the language of choice for operating systems ranging from MS Windows NT/2000/XP, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Linux/ Unix to the Mac OS.

Our C and C++ software development projects have included complete standalone applications, client/server programs, utilities, drivers and GUI-based projects. We’re also well know for our capabilities in developing Win 32 and daemons services, ActiveX, ISAPI filters, distributed systems and a host of different plug-ins.

Every TechCoders’ expert is well-trained and experienced in using C and C++ for all it’s worth. We can get you up and going in any of the following areas:

  • Software Architecture and GUI Design
  • C and C++ applications for Unix & Windows & Mac
  • Large and Very Large-Scale Application Development
  • Integration of existing or proposed software components
  • Integration of new features with your legacy applications
  • Expert visual programming
  • Scalable Client/Server Programming
  • User friendly GUI design
  • TCP/IP, Wireless and other types of Data Transmission
  • High performance computing requirements
  • Transaction-based applications
  • Embedded C and C++ software development
  • Internet-based solutions


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