5 Popular Web Designs You Should Know

Different types of web design are meant to make websites that stand out. With a few design tips your website will not only be attractive but also converts. There are two types of web design today: static and dynamic. Today, I’ll show you some of the most popular web designs that are currently in use. You don’t have to stick with the same old web design patterns and you can try new types.


Illustration is a versatile tool that can be used in many ways. There are many ways to implement web design. Web design can be brought to life with illustrations and cartoon drawings. Drawing is a creative activity. Incorporating it into a website’s design can be one of the best ways to present information online. Illustration has been a key part of web design in 2016 thanks to its attractive and playful elements, such as icons. The site will feel more personal and be easier to connect with users.


Minimalist design aims to reveal the essence of a design, by eliminating unnecessary features, forms and concepts. Minimalism is a way to remove distractions from web design and reduce elements to their most basic form. This style is still very popular because it’s a response to the overwhelming amount of information available online. If your portfolio is intended to show the best work that you have ever done, then the greatest favor you can do to yourself is to get out of the way.


Lasting impressions are made from the first impression. Your typography creates an experience for users, before they even click a button or read a word. Typography can tell a story, but it can also show the user who the website is about. Typography creates an atmosphere that elicits a response in the same way tone of voice. Typography is a key design principle that can make or break a website design. Despite the recent advancements in web type technology, there are still limited options for creative typography layouts. Image replacement techniques are still very common. However, font selection is much easier these days. However, the increase in mobile usage over the past years might make typography design a problem because it slows down the loading speed of the website. This problem can be easily solved by using typography that is based on the resolution of the device.


Single-page web designs are not a new trend. The fact that single page web designs are still popular suggests that they’re more practical and efficient than others. Single page websites, like all trends, have their strengths and weaknesses. However, in an age where there are thousands of new websites created every day, a single-page web design might be the best way for you to appeal to your ever-increasing attention span. The single-page web design may not be the best for all purposes. To make your single-page design stand out, you must have a clear purpose and create a compelling layout.


Flat design is minimalistic design that emphasizes usability. It is clean and open with crisp edges, bright colors, and flat/two-dimensional illustrations. This design style was first applied to Microsoft’s interface. Flat design advocates identify apps with simple icons-like images rather than converting real-life objects, such as calendars, into tiny illustrations. This illustrates the clear separation between technology objects and real-life elements.

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