Why I chose a career in programming

My story begins when I was high school, remember correctly when I was in Grade 2, while I was giddy Game and each day often spent 4-6 hours for it, only the time machine hand and after 1 year had computer networking, MU, Half life and Empire and his throne was addicted to the game until year 12. But there is a miraculous story like this?

• Programming: No dry as you think
• Choosing any career in the field of Information Technology vast?

Become a programmer

After the exams in high school, do not know who took me to a different world altogether with the game attractive and appealing there, I was addicted to the game but there is one thing that I’m addicted than it was passion passion and my hobby but now I know it’s new ‘website’? I love the ‘website’ and may take several hours for it but not bored. Perhaps as much time online access to certain Web sites to create and design guide that his website had to learn it and I started to get a first website on a free hosting provider.

After a week has created a website, so I did not long ago should remember not to share with you, but also be awebsite using HTML, first launched website and its contents are poems, photographs Comedy funny time students.I bring to show to friends and received praise, admiration of those around you, and then you learn to create awebsite for class.

But it is true that I ever learn is just to create a website depends on one supplier available, a static website (HTML& CSS) not as flexible as data storage, squirming his head thinking about they accessed the website, for example:BCC News, CNN news … how that created the website as this? Continued so I went looking for answers and as arule I have to be attractive where programmers discussion.

And I have found that keyword is open source, remembering his earlier installations which are the most famoussource of the world that is the vBulletin then Bo-blog and ultimately a source that its growing and used to buildcontent management that is Joomla – An extremely powerful CMS but if anybody can learn it LIKE it.

Initially, I learn Joomla also difficult when that time I was only in Grade 10, the forums and blogs written aboutJoomla little knowledge and to learn abroad. Finally with the relentless efforts I made a first website on the Internetwith open source Joomla using free domain name as rural should buy international domain name slightly difficult.And now I have paid particular domain name.

Passion became a programmer

In the process of understanding and learning make Joomla website, I also participated to learn about H@cking, UGand when I read the article about the h@cker in the world, as there is an air flow boosting supplements that I canbecome a h@cker and to become then became a talented programmer to start their dream path.

The process that I learn of such knowledge, perhaps it is his passion, passionate about living a life on the Internetwhere there’s always a fair, non-discriminatory. The reason that I wanted to become a programmer at that timeexclusively:

• Prove themselves (As in the countryside, technology unknown)
• Expect to receive much praise (Slightly childish)
• Desiring to build your own website
• And finally learn the proper programming knowledge

But at the present time it is different, after the lecture boarded University faced many difficulties, but the passion Ihave to help her overcome many difficulties and after going through it now I hope wanted, hobbies and theirpassions, will help the community out there:

• Share the knowledge that myself learned
• Sharing the values themselves have for all
• Sharing experiences to everyone shorter time than
• Help all those who are interested in this field
• Keep fire Passion and become rich and happy from Internet

And all these things are things that I wish to truly help a lot of people after learning the lessons “it’s better to givethan to receive”.

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