What they are saying about Qr4Wine

• Your Vanity Link Shortener

“It’s incredible that at this price Qr4Wine provides us with our own branded ‘SmartLink’ link shortener service – our own vanity ‘bit.ly’ . We are selling wine here – so the prestige of having your own vanity link shortener cannot be underestimated. We wouldn’t even consider a service that doesn’t offer this feature – at any price.”

• Custom Branding

“Everything is custom branded to my winery – not some service provider trying to build their own brand name on my marketing effort – and charging me for the privilege.”

• Unlimited Unique Codes

“We have created individual codes for just about every print item in our marketing program and we have never come close to running out of custom extensions.”

• Web Ready & Hi Res Graphics

“Our graphic designer loves the fact that I can provide her with scalable hi res images and I love the fact that I can download web ready images that I can work with too.”

• Failsafe Architecture

“Their application is so well designed it is impossible to mess things up. From their bad link checker to their code delete recovery solution – it’s really not possible to make an irrecoverable mistake.”

• No Per Click Charges

“Other services we researched wanted to charge us for each time a consumer clicked through on our code links. Qr4Wine is all inclusive, there are no click through or other hidden charges.”

• Redirectable Codes

“I can go to print with my codes before I have the web links that the codes will point to and then repoint the codes before they get released. And, if I ever change my mind, or if we want to go a different direction, we can repoint the codes in an instant.”

• Comprehensive Data Reports

“Every scan is recorded in real-time and I can pull instant tables, charts, heat maps and data reports right over the web. I like the fact that we can get geolocation data when we want it and can readily understand what devices consumers are scanning with.”

• Incredible Time Saver

“Not only would we never be able to figure out how to do what this service does, but the amount of time it would take every month to manage this would cost literally twenty fold what we pay for the service.”

• Simple Interface

“I know nothing about QR codes, but the Qr4Wine interface is so easy to use even a web novice like me with no technical background was fully operational and producing graphic design quality codes in a few minutes.”

• Zero Continuation Risk

“We did our research. Qr4Wine is the only service that would allow us to take our custom link shortener domain and all of our codes with us should we ever leave the service. We would never use a service that doesn’t accommodate this because if the provider ceases service all of our codes would quit working and there would be nothing we could do about it.”

• Indepedent Web Service

“Qr4Wine does not require me to purchase other CMS services in order to get QR and they employ a hosted, web architecture, ensuring that I can take immediate advantage of new features and capabilities as they emerge.”

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