What are the top reasons for a slow website?

Website speed is crucial for website growth and performance. It significantly impacts many metrics, including SEO and conversion rate.

Today’s Google search results clearly state that website loading time is an important metric. Everyone, from web developers to digital marketers, must pay attention to this metric.

A slow website can be a problem for many people. You effectively lose 50% of your customers if you have a slow website. Slow websites are not what people want to visit.

Slow web hosting

Server issues can also cause slow loading websites. A server acts as a generator. It sleeps before anyone clicks on it and then begins loading like a car with its key infected.

This happens because your browser informs your server that it must submit website data to load the site. It may take longer to load a server that is facing a challenge. These are some of the reasons slow servers can occur.

  • A free service is available to you
  • Poor support and poor service are the reasons you’re using this service.
  • Your server is experiencing high traffic and it is time for an upgrade

What is the Solution?

HostGator, a well-known website hosting company, is a top choice. It is also one of the fastest. Bluehost is another option, as it hosts most WordPress websites.

For better performance, it is recommended that you use a VPS server. However, if you don’t have many people visiting your site regularly, shared hosting can be a viable option.

No Cache Installed

Interactive web pages make up the majority of today’s web pages. They draw from knowledge sources, transform these details into models, and then serve them to you.

This happens whenever someone requests a page on the website. The time it takes depends on how effective the code is and the server’s capacity.

It’s like printing a business card and drawing it on paper when asked. You can print it out and store it in cache while you wait. You can then simply hand the business card to anyone who asks.

What is the Solution?

Installing a cache plugin for WordPress is simple. WP Rocket has been voted one of the most useful WordPress cache plugins. It is best to hire a programmer to install cache on non-WP websites.

Large Media Files

Do you remember the days when dial-up Internet was still available? It would take over a minute for a large picture to load. Although broadband has changed the conditions, the fundamental rule remains.

The server stores information, text, as well as pictures. This is similar to our client taking inventory from behind. This is a simple way to think of it. It can take longer for large, heavy goods to be delivered.

It can take time to load large photos. You may need to take extra time loading large images on your website. This applies to all file formats. Browsers can easily load JPG, PNG and GIF files. TIFF and BMP are more powerful formats that can take up a lot of time to load. These formats should be avoided!

What is the Solution?

You can use compressed image types. You can also use image compression WordPress plugins. It is best to reduce the size of videos using different PC applications.

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