Web Design Basics That Will Help You Create A Fantastic Website

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a website to promote your business, product or service, or just for yourself, it is important to understand web design basics. You need to think about the purpose of your website and how you will reach your audience.

Web design basics will help you build trust and credibility with your customers. Although there are many aspects to web design, we’ll be covering some of the basics that you need to get your website up and running.

Get started with your website

Define your purpose

Your website’s purpose is the first step in creating it. Is your website a digital portfolio that showcases your business to potential customers or sells products online? What is your website’s purpose? Clearness is the key to success: If users don’t understand your website, then they will leave. The website of Elna Cain, writer is an excellent example. The landing page quickly reveals that Elna Cain is a freelance writer who specializes digital marketing. She backs this up with testimonials, results and her experience. It is obvious that Elna offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blog-writing services.

Identify your target audience

Who is your website intended for? Web design is all about designing for your intended users. Your target audience for your portfolio website would be recruiters and hiring managers if you’re a product designer. This will allow you to decide what priority is on your website, and how to direct users to the right place. Conduct user research to identify your target audience. This includes demographics, location, and user goals. You can also look at the websites of your competitors and their social media pages in order to determine who their target audience are and how they compare to your website’s requirements. Also, research your target audience to tailor your website’s copy and content accordingly. This will increase their likelihood of remembering you site. Razer’s target audience is gamers. This is evident through their branding and imagery via Razer.

Razer makes gaming peripherals for computer and consoles. Razer’s branding and color scheme appeal to gamers who prefer to play in dark settings. Razer uses its community portal to make concerted efforts in reaching out to its customers. Consider adding a section for the community to your website. Or at least a page that can be used as a contact page. Plan! Once you have identified the purpose and audience for your website, it’s time to create a plan. Do you hire a developer to create your website? Or are you trying to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript? Don’t be discouraged if you don’t. You can use services like Squarespace or Wix to create a website that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Once you have decided on your budget, determine the price of web hosting and domain. Decide when your website will be launched. You can also decide when you will launch your site.

Find inspiration

Get inspiration from other websites to help you generate ideas for your website. There are many websites that can help you get ideas for your website. Awards is the best place to start, as it’s the inspiration hub for many types of designers. There are many stunning websites that have won awards. You can also find many inspiring mockups and web designs on our discovery page.

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