Things to Remember While Choosing Bird Cage

As a bird- lover it is your duty to make the adequate arrangements to provide your beloved pet with sufficient space. With so many different types of cages available in a variety of shapes, size and color, the task of purchasing bird cage has been turning out be quite challenging as you might well be overwhelmed and left in a fix on seeing the endless choices when you visit a store.
Placement- The first thing that you should ask to yourself is where the Bird Cage is going to be placed in your house. Depending on the location and on the area of free space available in and around the preferred location, a final selection should be made. By free space, we are meaning a complete free space that is away from the windows, drafts but also in a convenient position of your room to encourage social development of the pet.

Size- This is one of the most important parts of your purchase process. Always make sure that you purchase the largest possible Bird Cage that can be accommodated in your household. This is because of the matter of fact that an ideal shelter should have sufficient space so that your pet ca n move freely and flutter wings completely without any obstruction..
Spacing- Always make sure that the bar spacing is appropriate and is neither too narrow nor too wide. If it is too narrow, you will have a problem in feeding and taking proper care of your pets and on the other hand if the spacing is too wide, someday you might well be startled to find some of your pets stuck between the birds and some others missing as the tiny creatures are well versed at the task of escaping silently if they a get a fair chance.

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