The Terra Group- About The Real Estate Development Company

The first introduction to Terra Group should probably be that it was first started in 2001. However, the group perhaps shot to fame while reviving the area of Terra in Miami. The once wonderful area of Terra was not too long left fallow and unoccupied as a result of numerous reasons. Some years prior however, the firm has undertaken Terra and it had once again broken ground with plenty of luxury accommodation options, selling for very high prices indeed. The range of homes in Terra in fact got plenty of people who paid quite a nice sum of money, which included but was not constricted to locals. Many residents from places as far as Venezuela and Columbia purchased the homes.

In a nutshell, Terra Group is a real estate development company which exclusively undertakes the betterment of the landscape of Southern Florida. In fact, the firm is known to be one of the most unique developers in Miami. Nevertheless, the USP of the group lies in its attention toward community life while constructing sprawling structures of opulence and ease. From residential structures to projects of mixed-use, not to mention land and commercial projects, Terra Group has known to be involved in all. Of course, the company is as known for its original ideas and detailing traits while undertaking and developing a project. However, the group’s workings are not restricted to just real estate developing either. The firm has diversified its functionality to financial services, sales, land acquisitions, consulting, marketing, construction and mortgage management in many cases as well. Headed by Pedro Martin, the company has reached great heights right from the beginning.

As of now, Terra Group is involved closely to the project called Doral Cay in Miami. This latest range of island-styled luxury townhomes is located just a mile away from the Miami International Airport. The project is once again something which keeps the value of community life in mind, complete with the many charms of Miami.

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