The Beginner’s Guide to Obtaining a Free SSL Certificate for WordPress (2022).

Are you eligible for a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website? This is because your website displays a “Not Secure” message. Google will display a message stating that it is not secure if they don’t have SSL certification. This means that you don’t have an encrypted connection. This also means your user’s data could be at risk.

SSL is an encryption key. SSL is required to remove the “Not Secure” message from your website. SSL can transform the message of ‘Not Secure’ into a green pad and a lock symbol.

What is SSL? What do I need to know?

SSL stands for Security Sockets Layer. SSL is a digital certificate issued and verified by a Certificate Authority (CA). It is required if you want to run a WordPress ecommerce website. It provides security for credit card payments and personal information.

Flexible SSL

A Flexible SSL can be applied to your SSL-enabled site. You can click on the SSL link in the admin panel to apply for a Flexible SSL for your WordPress website.

SSL creates a secure connection between your website and its users. However, it does not establish a secure connection between your website and the security service provider.

Full SSL

Full SSL means that the website and users have been verified valid. This means that your website has SSL security. This also signifies that your website server has a secured and verified SSL.

Full SSL (Strictly)

Full SSL strict security provider validates and verifies the authenticity of certificates. It establishes a secure link between the users, the web security servers and your website server.

Full SSL (Strict) is different from Full SSL. Your SSL Certificate must be valid and signed by the requirements of your web security service provider. It must also have an expiration date and respond to the requested domain.

How do you distinguish HTTP from S?

HyperText Transfer Protocol is the complete form of HTTP. HTTPS refers to encrypted HTTP. Hypertext is an enriched text that contains links, formats and other web elements. This protocol consists of many rules that allow hypertext to be transferred across different networks using various platforms.

Users Trust

After looking at your Green Lock, SSL will help you gain the trust of your advanced users. URL labels websites as HTTPS connections visually and is therefore secure.

Password Protection

Multiple users may use the same login credentials to log on to your website and a public WIFI network. You can encrypt login information if you have an SSL connection between your website and the user. This will create a secure connection between the user’s browsers and your website.

SEO Rankings

Google declared in 2014 that it would give a higher ranking to secure websites with SSL/TLS than unsecured websites regarding SEO rankings. Google claims that unsecured websites don’t provide secure connections to users and will have an increase in Google Analytics.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my WordPress website?

An SSL certificate is required to store and collect user information on your WordPress site. An SSL certificate is recommended for your WordPress website even if you don’t store any user data. SSL is required for eCommerce stores, membership websites, and login pages.

Users trust SSL certificates. This creates a positive impression for your brand. Google strongly recommends SSL certificates for SEO rankings on SERP. Google will display “Not Secure” as an indicator of insecure content.

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