Simple Steps to Uninstall WordPress Themes (2022)

What do you think of WordPress themes? These themes are a great tool for creating an online presence. They will also help your website stand out.

Do you not think they positively influence your visitors to read all of the content? Isn’t this amazing?

Why not uninstall a WordPress theme?

There are thousands of WordPress themes available from many sources. WordPress themes are undoubtedly the most popular. However, there are some exceptions. These are the most common reasons to delete your WordPress theme.

Security concerns

WordPress themes can be customized to suit any purpose. Hackers use the wrong theme codes to install malware, backdoors and other WordPress sites. You are less likely to be hacked if there are fewer theme files.

This problem will worsen if you don’t update your new themes into a premium or free theme. It could be that you don’t use it due to its age. Hackers can easily exploit this vulnerability since they are publicly logged. This is why many people prefer to use the WordPress remove theme without any doubt instead of updating.


The dashboard or admin, the backend of WordPress, is an important place to make changes to inactive themes. This is because updates are essential. It will request updates from every theme installed, active and inactive. It is small, but 20 inactive themes will be checked for updates.

For most cases, the front end of your website should be a number from the cache. It would not be affected if there were inactive themes.

Database performance

You can save data from an inactive theme filled with data while it is active by activating it again. It will also erase the data if the theme is deleted.

These are sufficient reasons to allow you to remove a theme. Let’s now discuss how to delete vs. uninstall a theme.

Deleting vs. Uninstalling a theme

Many people feel that deleting a theme and uninstalling it are the same. In reality, the code files and data are deleted from the server. You can save related content if you decide to uninstall a theme. We will discuss that later in the guide.

WordPress allows you to keep one theme active on your website. You can, however, use multiple themes on your website.

Things to do before you remove a WordPress theme

You have now seen that the theme has been removed and is no longer used. You also want to delete it. Roger that?

Before you move on, do certain things before you delete a WordPress template.

Staging locations

These staging sites can be described as mirrors for your website located on the same server. Many hosting plans offer free staging sites. You can make a copy of your website and then test it.

It’s possible to control the staging site and remove the theme from that site. This may not cause any problems. If it does not convert to the removed theme, it is the parent theme of the active theme. Please take a deep breath and make sure you don’t delete it from your live site.

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