Pocket PC Software Development

The differences between Pocket PC software development and developing software for the PDA are subtle and the TechCoders’ team is on top of those differences. If you’re looking for field data collection applications, mobile data communication capabilities, wireless data synchronization, or remote database access then the Pocket PC is your best choice.

Our experts take all their PC skills and knowledge and shrink them down to fit the Pocket PC. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get big functionality. Anything that the Pocket PC can do it can do better when the TechCoders’ team handles you Pocket PC software development needs.

Here’s just a sample of the Pocket PC software development projects that we’re able to create:

  • Field Customer Survey Applications
  • Remote Delivery Verification and Tracking Application
  • Paper-to-Digital Form Conversion
  • Wireless GPS Mapping System

We use the latest methodologies and Pocket PC software development tools including CodeWarrior C/C++, Appforge , Casl , Mobile VB and Java.


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