PHP Software Development

PHP software is a free, dynamic and fully functional scripting language which is custom designed for Internet-based applications. Robust and well supported, PHP software development projects can go from design to implementation in just days or weeks.

PHP software development is part of the highly acclaimed L inux, A pache, M ySql, P HP (LAMP) approach to rapid software development for the Web. PHP runs on Windows and *Nix platforms and provides connectivity to all major database platforms.

Our expert developers at TechCoders cut their teeth on PHP and there is nothing that they don’t understand about this amazingly versatile language. From shopping cart applications to generating customized content on the fly, PHP can do anything that ASP can do without the expensive Windows software licenses.

Most of our PHP software development projects interact with MySQL & MS Access databases but we also know how to seamlessly connect with anything that runs on a server.

Let us show you some of our PHP software development success stories including Shopping Cart Systems, Event Calendar Management Systems, Mass Email Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Data Management Systems, Graphical Evaluating Systems, Inventory & Accounting Systems, Library Management Systems and everything else that can be done in PHP.

Our extensive PDS software development tool chest includes Code Warrior, Embedded VB/VC++, AppForge, Satellite Forms and Casl; plus were are constantly testing and evaluating new tool as they become available.

Should your PDA software development needs require wireless connectivity rest assured that we are up to date on TCP/IP Applications (WAN and LAN) , Bluetooth, Mobitex, GPRS, CDPD, CDMA and a number of other connectivity standards in order to ensure that your custom PDA software development project is delivered on time, within budget and exceeds your highest expectations.

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