Palm Software Development

Palm software development projects have special size and efficiency requirements. Inexperienced software developers often overlook these needs and you end up with an application which is slow and inefficient. Our TechCoders experts understand the ins and outs of this unique hardware platform and use the latest best practices and methodologies to develop tight and efficient software applications which leverage every last ounce of the Palm’s power.

There’s a whole lot more to Palm software development then simply fitting the software to the hardware platform. Our experienced developers also take the time to understand how the application will be used in the field and custom design every Palm software development deliverable to meet your unique business requirements.

Just look at the types of applications that have been developed for the Palm:

Data Lookup : Your road warriors can have instant access to customer and order data, driving directions, appointment calendars, notes, zip codes, area codes or any other data which needs to be stored and retrieved in an instant.

Data Capture : Bar code and scientific data capture devices are a natural way to store and process data in the field. Your personnel can capture important data items on the go and upload them to your servers or desktop PCs at their convenience.

Internet Connectivity : Wireless connectivity is everywhere these days and we can create custom Palm software development applications that keeps your staff plugged in. Whether it’s orders, sales call reports or field service reports — you name it and we can build the program to handle it.

TechCoders uses the latest in Palm software development techniques and tools including CodeWarrior C/C++, Appforge, Casl, Mobile VB, and Java.

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