Database Programming

The all powerful database programming application still reigns supreme among businesses of every size. Sales, inventory, CRM, accounting and almost anything else a business uses eventually ends up getting stored in a database.

Database programming is a skill unto its own. While it’s true that you can use almost any language to write an application around a database, true knowledge of how the database functions internally is required if you’re looking for data retrieval speed and storage efficiency. Our team at TechCoders has real-life, hands-on experience with all of the popular database platforms from MS SQL to MySQL, Oracle, Access and others.

Our team takes database programming to the next level by using the latest design methodologies and best practices to build relational databases that do business the way that you do. Our Database Administrators (DBA) and programmers work together to seamlessly integrate your data storage and retrieval needs with an application layer that’s both user friendly and fully functional.

We’re known for quality database programming that handles CRM, Business Intelligence, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Accounting, ERP and fully Internet-enabled transaction process systems that provide First Class performance at Coach prices!

We can even provide remote DBA professionals to tune and manage your databases when you need them and for only as long as you need them. You benefit by tapping into professional talent without the full time employee costs.

TechCoders can handle your database programming needs for applications which utilize Access, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, IBM DB2 and most other database programming platforms.

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