CAD Custom Programming

The problem with pre-packaged software is that it forces you to do business the way IT thinks you should do business. Now you can free yourself from other people’s business ideas by simply taking advantage of our CAD Custom Programming services.

Our experts have the CAD custom programming experience to fully integrate your CAD needs using any of the most popular languages and technologies including C++, Object ARX, AutoLISP, Visual Basic, and Java. We are well respected in the in the design automation community for our experience in developing customized solutions for users of AutoCAD as well as our expertise in creating programming, graphics, design automation standards, legacy database conversion solutions.

Our CAD Custom Programming Successes Include:

  • Geological – Providing real-time integration of AutoCAD DWG and SQL databases
  • Civil Engineering – Automated AutoCAD DWG file handling from database-provided information
  • Manufacturing – Automated creation of 3D Model and 2D drawings from Web-based customer order form
  • Hydrology – AutoCAD DWG flood plain graphics generated from statistical storm data
  • Property Management – automated linking with AutoCAD MAP and MS Access
  • ActiveX plugin development
  • CAD automation

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